How do I create a HOSA chapter at my school?

Chapter registration is back! Chapters will NOT be using to register. In order to form a chapter, you need a minimum of five paying students and a teacher advisor.

  1. Complete the following form (LINK) and provide the details of the chapter president and teacher. Please ensure all fields are completed, as we will need to communicate with you throughout the year.
  2. Once the form above is completed, you will be emailed a spreadsheet that will be used to register your members.
    1. Follow the instructions on the “Instructions” sheet carefully, to ensure you register your members correctly.
    2. To register for FLC: Please share the spreadsheet with by November 10, 2023 at 11:59 pm. Any changes made to the spreadsheet after this date, will not be accepted for FLC.
    3. After FLC is over, you can make changes to the spreadsheet for SLC. To register for SLC: Please submit the spreadsheet by March 15, 2024 at 11:59 pm. Any changes made to the spreadsheet after this date, will not be accepted.
  3. Schools must ensure that we receive a cheque with the amount indicated on your invoice by March 29, 2024. Please send a clear, well-lit image of the front and back of the cheque on a level surface, if your students would like to receive their Google Classroom resources sooner, and to avoid mailing delays.
  4. If you registered a student for FLC, you do not need to pay for them again for SLC. However, if after FLC, you add new students, we must receive their payment by the SLC registration deadline.
  5. Please make sure that students only provide a Gmail, so that we can send them their Google Classroom resources. This means that students cannot provide a school email or an email with a non-Gmail domain (ex. Yahoo, Hotmail, iCloud, etc.).

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