What will the Google Classroom resources provide?

Each Google Classroom is different, but they may contain the following: 

  • Some will provide you with written packages created based on the textbooks. 
  • Some will provide you with slide decks created off of the textbooks. 
  • In some events, supplementary materials are provided, such as quizzes, videos, or recommended Quizlets. 
  • In events with procedural rounds, a package is distributed with videos to help learn the skills required, the rubric, and more.

Event guidelines provided on our website should always be referenced first. 

Additionally, please note that the packages and slides created based on the textbooks contain the information we feel will be covered for the test. However, because the tests are created by International HOSA, there may be information missing. This being said, if the student would like all of the information it is recommended that they purchase the textbooks themselves. 

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